History, Diagnosis, Therapy


First Edition, Spring 2023
By: Armin Norousi M.D.   &  Jalal Shokouhi M.D.



The study of tumors and cancers of CNS has recently made significant progress in the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of many CNS benign – and malignant tumors.
Knowledge of current concepts associated with oncology disorders of CNS around the world is a crucial issue for providing appropriate evaluation and treatment of patients with tumor diseases of CNS.
In spite of that, tumors of CNS, particularly cancer is still a main cause of death by disease in patients suffering from these neoplasms.
The future direction of Neuro-oncology will involve genetic research and improved treatment options. Therefore the main goal of this book is to provide broad based current knowledge of diverse oncologic disorders of CNS on a high level.
A wide range of faculties of medicine; neurosurgery, neuroradiology, neurology, pediatric surgery, pain management, and rehabilitation are involved in the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of patients with CNS diseases in their daily work.
The intended audience will be wide ranging from neurosurgeons and neuro-radiologists to residents, fellows and medical students.
We would like to thank the colleagues, who have provided us with specific photographs and also all persons, who contributed to the development of this book over the last years.

Armin A. Norusi M.D.    &    Jalal J. Shokouhi M.D.