History, Diagnosis, Therapy


First Edition, Spring 2023
By: Armin Norousi M.D.  & Jalal Shokouhi M.D.


Rapid advances in the field of CNS disorders have opened a new route of
diagnostic and therapy in this field.
Knowledge of current concepts associated with Neurotrauma of CNS and PNS is
a crucial issue for providing appropriate evaluation, referral and treatment of
patients with traumatic injuries of central- and Prepheral traumatic injuries.
The main goal of this book is to provide broad based current knowledge of diverse
fields of neurotrama of CNS & PNS on a high level.
The book contains a compact text from several neurosurgical sources consisting of
many journals and books, which have been published currently in the
neurosurgical field.
The topics have been arranged in Top Down starting from cerebral to the spine to
provide the readers with sound knowledge base in the fundamentals of anatomy,
history, diagnostics, clinical assessment and also operative and non-operative
therapy of neurotrauma of CNS & PNS.
The text has been made spare and concise therefore it could be read quickly in the
clinic during the patient rounds daily work and also in the operating room.
We have created about 56 tables by ourselves in the hope to keep the readers
attention to the essential points and to avoid unnecessary details.
In addition we have integrated about 57 suitable original photographs into the
book. The most important clinical and radiological features were usually labeled
and highlighted in color.
The intended audience will be wide ranging including from medical student,
residents and of course neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists.
The book may also be of interest to physicians and nurses working at the ICU as
well as patients with post traumatic Injuries of CNS & PNS.
We are especially grateful to Dr. A. Khadem and Dr. A. Ghasemi for bringing this
book to editorial and technical completion.
Armin A. Norusi M.D.   &
 Jalal J. Shokouhi M.D.